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Back off Boiler Room…Toilet Room has arrived


It goes without saying that some of the best nights out end up crammed in the kitchen of an after party, clutching onto a cigarette and hoping that the next swig of your new best friends mysterious drink wont induce vomiting. Meanwhile in Sydney Australia, a group of mates have taken it one step further, performing a boiler room style set recorded from a toilet.

Initially intended as a ‘harmless parody’ of Boiler Rooms infamous live sets, Sydney DJ collective Moving House’s creation ‘Toilet Room’ has gathered quite the hype in the days since it was uploaded. What makes ‘Toilet Room’ so special is the feeling that we are witnessing the kind of smoke filled, pissed up party that we all strive to find at the weekend.

A rave in a dingy toilet where the CDJs are balanced on an ironing board may not sound like a very magical experience, but take a look and judge for yourself as UK DJ Paleman squeezes out a healthy mix worthy of your attention.

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