Outrage as ‘Flying Spaghetti Monster’ poster is banned from South Bank University

The South Bank Atheist Society (SBAS) poster featuring a ‘flying spaghetti monster’ has been banned by union officials over fear of causing religious offence.

Michelangelo poster

A poster featuring a mock up of Michaelangelo’s ‘Creation of Adam’ painting, intended to humorously promote the SBAS, has resulted in a freedom of speech row after being removed by university officials.

The flying spaghetti monster is the deity of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, a parody (although officially recognised) religion of ‘Pastafarians’ used by atheists to critique intelligent design theory.

The poster was put up last week for a freshers event only to be quickly removed by student union officials due to it being “religiously offensive”.

The SBAS stated that union officials initially told them it was Adam’s “exposed genitals” that were apparently the issue, however they were then informed that the poster caused “religious offence” and their entire stall was removed from the event.


Both the British Humanist Association (BHA) and the National Federation of Atheist, Humanist and Secular Students Societies (AHS) have criticised the decision to remove the poster and deemed it “utterly ridiculous” and part of a “rising tide of frivolous censorship” at British universities. 

This is another outrageous act of student union censorship in recent months (Censorship at QUB) where hypersensitive elected union officials are removing student freedom of speech and implementing censorship.

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Back off Boiler Room…Toilet Room has arrived


It goes without saying that some of the best nights out end up crammed in the kitchen of an after party, clutching onto a cigarette and hoping that the next swig of your new best friends mysterious drink wont induce vomiting. Meanwhile in Sydney Australia, a group of mates have taken it one step further, performing a boiler room style set recorded from a toilet.

Initially intended as a ‘harmless parody’ of Boiler Rooms infamous live sets, Sydney DJ collective Moving House’s creation ‘Toilet Room’ has gathered quite the hype in the days since it was uploaded. What makes ‘Toilet Room’ so special is the feeling that we are witnessing the kind of smoke filled, pissed up party that we all strive to find at the weekend.

A rave in a dingy toilet where the CDJs are balanced on an ironing board may not sound like a very magical experience, but take a look and judge for yourself as UK DJ Paleman squeezes out a healthy mix worthy of your attention.

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As of November 19th QUBSU has passed a motion proposed at SU council to ban Robin Thicke’s controversial single ‘Blurred Lines’ everywhere on campus and in union outlets, joining a number of Universities across the UK to ban the song.


First things first, I hate Robin Thicke. He reminds me of a kind of perverse ‘lad’ uncle roaming the streets of Belfast, wolf whistling at women from his modified Corsa. He is a creepy scumbag.

 To say that ‘Blurred Lines’ has some dodgy lyrics is like saying Edwin Poots has some dodgy views on homosexuality. But this doesn’t mean that I support the ban of the song on campus.

Yeah, I wouldn’t mind it being banned on the grounds that the song is god awful, but censoring it due to the fact that, as Queens University VP of Equality and Diversity Caoimhe MacNeil puts it, the song “is dangerous and compromises the safety of our students”, is ridiculous.

Connor Daly, Queens University campaigns VP states that:

 ”Student unions have a proud history of welcoming forward thinkers and instigating progressive movements. A culture of censorship, however, is neither forward thinking nor progressive. Rather than advise and educate members, this culture demands that others adhere to the standards and activities that certain groups consider appropriate. It misses the wider point; making scapegoats through piecemeal tactics rather than constructively tackling issues head on.”


Surely connecting feminism and equality as an attack on popular culture will only hinder the cause.

Censorship is not the answer, especially in a university where debate and discussion are supposed to be encouraged. Rape culture is a serious issue and an ongoing active discussion needs to be opened up, not silenced.

Lets not sweep society’s problems under the carpet.

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